• Tracking trailers

    DW-Tech nursery carts are perfect solutions for internal transport in plant nurseries, horticulture and fruit farms.


Manufacturer of nursery carts DW-Tech

DW-Tech tracking trailers are a modern answer to the needs of today’s transport in plant nurseries and gardening areas. Created to improve the logistics of nursery production and reduce the workload. High-quality products as well as exceptional customer contact are the foundation of the company. Our experience in steel and aluminum processing as well as in transport has allowed us to create a solid tool, which is a nursery cart designed to work in places with limited space.

DW-Tech tracking trailers

DW-Tech nursery carts are perfect solutions for transporting various materials in a plant nursery, horticulture or fruit farm. The aluminum used in the production process has a natural anti-corrosion coating, increasing the life of the device. Thanks to the use of aluminum, the weight of the trailer was reduced by as much as 2/3 compared to structural steel, thus helping to increase durability and giving an aesthetic and modern look.

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